Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media is an extremely powerful marketing and advertising tool for companies of all sizes. If properly executed, it not only increases sales, brand awareness, and online presence with new customers, but it also builds brand loyalty by strategically and effectively increasing engagement and interactions with existing customers. This is why Social Media Marketing is a vital tool in your in your business toolkit.

We know it can overwhelming with so many terms, lingos, and ever changing platforms.  We can help!  Regardless of whether you just need help setting up accounts, establishing a social presence or whether you want a full account management package, you can count on us and our team of Creative Strategists.  We understand everyone has a unique situation and specific needs, which is why we will work with you to develop a fully customized package and plan to meet your individual needs.

Our social media marketing services include:

  1. Social Media Accounts Setup & Optimization

  2. Social Media Marketing Strategy

  3. Targeted Ad Campaigns: Setup & Management

  4. Content Creation: Written & Visuals

  5. Ongoing Account & Reputation Management

  6. Full-Service Account Management

  7. Social Media Consulting & Training

  8. Targeted Ad Campaign: Setup & Management

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine OptimizationWhat exactly is Search Engine Marketing?
”93% of online experiences begin with a Search Engine.”Case Study Lk
We consider Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a broad term that encompasses two main forms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per Click (PPC).  The goal of both SEO and PPC is to increase a Website’s visibility, primarily by boosting rankings in search engine results, which in turn increases site traffic.  If executed correctly, this approach narrows down the target market and connects your ideal Potential Customers to you at the exact time they are looking to purchase your product or service.

How we do it?
First, we dig in and really get to know you and your Company.  We work with you and do research through a Search Engine Audit and discover the optimal Keywords for your specific Target Market.  We do extensive research into this Target Market, drilling down to find your ideal Potential Customers by Location & Demographic, Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Industry & Competition.

What Does that Mean?
What does that mean?  It means we help potential customers find you first and find you fast, which increases the likelihood that they will choose to go with you over your competitor!

What we Offer for Pay-Per Click Service
PPC is Paid Advertising on the world’s most popular Search Engines and Ad Platforms, including Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Ads, Bing Ads and many more. Narrowing the Target Market and connecting your business with the ideal Potential Customer at the exact time they are looking for what you sell is done by analyzing and utilizing a multitude of factors.

We begin by creating a customized Campaign for your Company.  To do so, we discover the best words and phrases to use to target the customers you want, when you want them!

This service includes:
-Ad Campaign Setup & Manage & Optimize
-Metrics/Analytics Reporting and Analyzing Manage + Maintain= Optimization
-Local SEO – Geo-Location based
-Demographic: Age, Gender, Interest
-Land Page Optimization
-E-Commerce SEO

What we offer for Search engine optimization (SEO),

SEO, which is often referred to as “organic results,” it is done by implementing technical adjustments and/or rewriting Website Content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine result pages in an “Organic” or “Natural” way.  One example of this is writing a blog post reviewing an accessory for an iPad, which then might come up on a search for Apple iPads.  A potential customer would then click on that blog post, leading them to the website and the product that the company sells.  Essentially, this approach is all about creating content and websites that make customers come to you, make them trust you and your product or service, and make the process feel like a natural, seamless one to the customer – even if in practice it is much more complicated than that!

This service includes:
-On-Site Optimization – Rewrite Website Content in a way that is unique, compelling, and relevant
-Create Blog Entries
-Website Architecture & Optimization alterations: content, images, videos, buttons, links, load-times, blog entries
-Off-Site Link Building
-Integration 3rd Party Premium Plugins
-Google Analytics Integration
-E-Commerce SEO
-Management & Optimizing based on Analyze Metrics & Analytics: tweaks, alterations

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Search Engine OptimizationFrom logo design to corporate identity, a great Brand Strategy is more than its individual parts – in fact, it is the foundation of any effective marketing campaign. A successfully defined, created and deployed Brand Strategy gives clarity to current and potential customers about who your Company is and what you do without having to be told directly. For a business of any size to be successful it needs to have a well defined identity and purpose; not only must you have goals, but you must also have a strategic plan that defines how you will achieve that goal. Luckily for you, that is exactly what we provide!

Our Creative Team will define and build an amazing plan that will address and, in a strategic way, implement and answer these questions.

  1. What does your product or service do?

  2. Who is your product’s target audience?

  3. What is your brand’s image & story?

  4. How do you want your brand to make people feel?

  5. Where and when are people likely to encounter your brand?

  6. Why would people choose your brand over a competitor?


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